Autumn is approaching here in the Sonoran Desert which means hiking season is also approaching. We’ve been waiting for months to get back into the great outdoors and enjoy the cooler weather. Although temperatures drop, it’s still hot. Our bodies cool off by perspiring which may further speed up dehydration.

Avoid Dehydration by Following These Tips:

1. Hydrate before hitting the trail.
  • This means avoiding alcohol and caffeine which deplete your body of the important fluids.
2. Bring, and drink, plenty of water while on the trail.
  • Make sure there is enough water for all participants in your adventure, including your four-legged hiking companions.
  • Don’t forget to sip on your water. It also helps reduce the weight of your pack!
3. Know your route.
  • If the route is shaded, it will help protect you.
  • If the route is in full sun, consider going early in the morning or later in the evening when the sun is not as high or intense.
4. Where protective clothing.
  • Your clothing choices may protect your skin and shield your head from the scorching sun.
5. Bring along healthier, salty snacks to help you retain your water.
  • Mmmm…did someone say, “pretzels”?
  • Another option is to drink fluids with electrolytes.
Check back as our team here at On the Mend Physical Therapy will provide you with more trail tips along with our favorite hikes this autumn season. Don’t forget, if you’re wanting to hit the trail, but your body may not be feeling up to the task, On the Mend Physical Therapy is here to help. Request a free consultation and we’ll talk with you on how to get you back on the trails to do life better!

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