We are here to help! Please let your therapist know of any other issues or new injuries. We work on the entire body, so chances are we will be able to help you! If physical therapy is an option for treating your new condition, we may modify your current plan of care to accommodate your new injury; and, we may establish a separate plan of care to address the other condition(s). We’ll work with you to determine the best path to get you better.

We have several options for you to help spread the word!
  • Tell your therapist directly. Make sure to include your friend’s phone number and/or email address so we connect with them to get them on our schedule as soon as possible.
  • Go to our website and click on Patient Center > Refer a Friend, complete the form and submit it. We will connect with your friend or family member right away.
  • Ask for a referral card. We will gladly give you as many as you need to refer your connections to our practice. It is our mission to help our patients and community do life better.
Many of our new patients just happen to come from people who’ve been patients here before. We appreciate the referral from you!