As a new patient of On the Mend Physical Therapy, you may be wondering about what to expect, especially if you haven’t yet experienced physical therapy.

Here at On the Mend Physical Therapy, we pride ourselves on making you feel like part of the On the Mend family. As a small, locally-owned practice, we are able to provide our patients with that comfortable feeling, similar to seeing a long-time friend, when you walk through our doors. That is the type of relationship we strive for with each individual patient.

Initial Evaluation

An initial evaluation is the first scheduled appointment with your physical therapist. Your PT will determine your personalized plan of care to get you results and help you do life better.

Here is an overview of what you may experience at your Initial Evaluation:

  1. Your physical therapist will spend time talking with you about your health history and learn about your specific aches and pains.
  2. Your PT will conduct physical tests to see what works well and what needs help for your condition.
  3. Work with you on movements/exercises to start you on your path to feeling better.
  4. Create a custom home exercise plan (link to the home exercise plan page) that is designed for you, your condition, and your goals.
  5. Determine the plan of care best suited for you. The plan of care will include the number of physical therapy visits to help you succeed on your path to improve.

What to Bring to Your Initial Evaluation:

  1. Driver’s License or State ID
  2. Insurance Cards
  3. Physician Prescription or Referral (if required by your insurance)
  4. Form of Payment for Copay/Coinsurance/Deductible if required by insurance)
  5. Completed Patient Paperwork
    1. Please be sure to complete all sections to the best of your ability. If questions arise please ask the front desk at your appointment for clarification.

Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. If you are coming in for a lower body impairment, please bring or wear shorts. If none are available, we would be happy to provide them for you. Please also be sure to wear activity appropriate shoes.

We look forward to helping you and welcoming you to the On the Mend Physical Therapy family!