What is lymphedema therapy?

Lymphedema therapy provides relief from lymphedema symptoms. Identifying and treating lymphedema early helps to ensure faster and better outcomes. It can often be managed with compression garments, exercise and elevation of the affected limb in the early stages. For more severe swelling, your physical therapist may use complete decongestive therapy, which includes manual lymph drainage. Manual lymph drainage feels like a light form of massage and helps improve the flow of lymph from limbs.

What are the benefits?

As the swelling in the affected limb decreases, your physical therapist will help you to take over your care by developing a safe and sensible exercise program, update your compression garments to ensure proper fit and educate you about proper diet to decrease fluid buildup in the tissues and skin to reduce the risk of infection. Benefits of lymphedema therapy include controlling swelling, reducing the risk of infection, decreasing fluid buildup, improved mobility and returning to normal activities.

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