What is wrist and hand therapy?

Wrist and hand therapy uses a combination of therapy techniques and prescribed exercise to alleviate symptoms and address the root cause of pain and functional impairment. Treatment may include joint and soft tissue mobilization or manipulation, therapeutic massage, exercises aimed at correcting muscle imbalances and improving strength, stretching, electrical stimulation or ultrasound. Wrist and hand therapy can help rehabilitate patients following surgery, helping ensure they experience optimal surgical outcomes.

What are the benefits?

Your wrist and hand are so compact, and so intricately constructing, that the natural swelling that accompanies an injury can be a serious problem by itself. If the fluid that accompanies swelling is not displaced, the tissue inside the wrist and hand can become almost glue-like in texture. Moving your wrist and hand as soon as safely possible displaces the fluid that causes swelling and lessens the change of permanently diminished range of motion.